Checkout some of the Breweries we use

Tower Brewery - Burton

To brew great tasting beer a brewer needs to achieve a complex balance: not just between bitterness and sweetness, but between the myriad of malt, hops and yeast-derived aromas, flavours and mouthfeel components of beer. Beers with balance are easy to drink and they have what brewers call "drinkability" or "moreishness" & a quality much sought after but rarely achieved. John Mill's beers from Tower Brewery are fine examples of beers with this special characteristic and it is to his credit that he strives and succeeds in brewing great tasting beers year in and year out. Long may he continue!

XT Beers - Oxfordshire

XT is an innovative, independent brewery crafting a wide range of beers - Our XT beers form the core range of characterful, full flavoured brews and our wild side: Animal pushes the boundaries with new and exciting, challenging one off experimental beers. The brewery is on the beautiful Notley Farm in the village of Long Crendon, on the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire border near Oxford. Created by Russ Taylor and Gareth Xifaras in 2011,we brew all our own real ales for cask, keg, cans and bottles.

Old Cottage Brewery - Burton

Welcome to the Burton Old Cottage Beer Company Burton's best kepy secret! The Burton Old Cottage Beer Company is one of the premier breweries in Burton upon Trent. Using our experience and brewing skills we produce stunning Real Ales as shown by the brewery, twice winning the West Midlands Beer of the Year award. Over the years we have built up a massive following and we would like to thank all our customers for their boundless support. For a beer experience to remember, why not visit Burton Old Cottage Brewery. For numbers between 12 and 40 we will provide a tour of the brewery and more importantly an opportunity to sample many of our finest beers. The cost per group is £10 per person or £15 per person which includes an exceptional buffet. As well as supplying to public houses and clubs we provide a full range of Real Ales for weddings, special events and other functions. For all enquiries please contact John Saville 07909 93 12 50

Maypole Brewery - Cornwall

Since 1995 we have gained a reputation for high quality hand-crated products, brewed in the traditional way with only the finest natural ingredients. The brewery takes its name from the maypole situated on the village green at Wellow which is reputed to be one of the tallest in England. All of our beers are cask-conditioned, meaning that it is a living product, served without added gas at the point of dispense, usually through a hand pump. Look out for our distinctive pump clips at the bar and find out for yourself. And remember, support the community by buying local produce!

Lytham Brewery - Lytham

Originally established in 2007, at the Hastings club in Lytham town centre, Lytham Brewery has quickly developed a reputation for fine quality ales. It now operates out of a dedicated production unit on the outskirts of the town. Because of the ever increasing demand and popularity, the brewing capacity has multiplied five-fold. Each month sees growth both in the trade and home catering sectors with major chain and private outlets finding the quality ales bringing discerning customers coming back for more. This increased popularity has vindicated the basic creed of the brewery, to only use the finest malts and hops and never to compromise quality. The list of different ales, each with its own distinct characteristics, has also increased to take account of the many differing palates of consumers. For further details please go to the "Our Beers" page. A further area of successful development has been our  "Pull Your own" service, where we can provide any of our products in quantities, as required, for private functions; ie: parties, weddings etc: We welcome enquiries from private individuals and catering companies.

Abbeydale Brewery - Sheffield

We are proud to be a successful small business in and from Sheffield. We were lucky enough to get in on the ground floor of the revival of craft beer, and canny enough to grow continually throughout our existence. As the craft beer scene evolved over time we bore witness to the uprising of keg beer. Surely it's worth offering every drinker the chance to taste something local and full of flavour. Even the fizzy beer aficionados! We have established Moonshine as a very popular local beer accounting for 45% of our output and all of our regular and special beers have a following somewhere - sometimes in the most unusual places! Our weekly special beers (especially out Dr Morton's range) are so highly sought after they barely touch the sides here and more often than not, the sales team's beer allocation is all spoken for in three but sometimes two weeks! We have two pubs of our own, The Rising Sun in Nether Green, Sheffield where you can always try one (or more!) of at least six of our beers that are always on show alongside up to seven beers from other small breweries. And, The Devonshire Cat on Wellington Street in the Sheffield city centre. This place is a mecca for beer fans of all different styles and flavours. As well as the twelve hand pulled ales on offer, the Dev Cat's most striking feature is their "Beer Box" which boasts a huge offering of weird and wonderful bottles beers and ciders. Nearly all of the guest beers for the pubs are sourced by swapping with like-minded brewers, proving that we like to share our love for all things beer related. It's also worth keeping a eye out for the odd wood aged cask of beer in the pubs. At the Rising Sun, these are identified by a suspicious wooden pump handle and the Dev Cat will proudly display theirs in full view in the beer box.

Ossett Brewery - Sheffield

Ossett Brewery; How it all began The story of the Ossett Brewery starts with our Chairman and founder Bob Lawson. A brewer for almost 50 years, Bob began his career working for Beverley Bros. Brewery in Wakefield, from there he moved on to Matthew Brown's in Blackburn and then in 1969 on to Joshua Tetley & Son in Leeds. Bob stayed at Joshua Tetley for the next 25 years, gaining experience in a variety of brewing roles. After leaving Joshua Tetley his next role was at Kelham Island Brewery in Sheffield, one of the first independent microbreweries that pushed the growth of real ale. After all this time spent brewing beer for other people, Bob and a partner decided to start their own real ale revolution and in 1997 built a small micro brewery at the back of the Brewers Pride public house in Ossett. The first beer aptly named "Bobby Dazzler" was brewed in August 1998 and was an instant success. Brewing was carried out on a 5-barrel brew length plant (about 1,440 pints per brew) and for several months all of the beer produced was sold through the Brewers Pride pub. "We never thought it would take off as quickly as it did, but very soon there was a demand to brew more and more. Many other pubs in the area wanted supplies and our range of beers began to grow as sales increased". As the beers were sold further afield, Ossett Brewery began to win awards at festivals up and down the country with Silver King proving to be our flagship beer. As the reputation of the business grew so did its customer base. Within three years further expansion took place raising its brewing capacity to 40 barrels per week. The brewery was given a further boost when Excelsior was voted National Champion Beer of Britain at the prestigious Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) Beer Awards in 2003.

Kelham Island - Sheffield

Kelham Island Brewery was built in 1990 in the Beer Garden of the Fat Cat in Alma Street. The first brew was in September, making Kelham Island Brewery the first new independent brewery in Sheffield in almost 100 years. Using equipment purchased from the recently closed Oxford Brewery this allowed for full mash brewing of around 10 brewers barrels every week. As demand increased the decision was taken to move to new premises and a purpose built brewery was constructed a short distance from the original brewhouse. The original brewhouse was converted to a visitors centre and in March 1999 the new brewery opened with a five fold increase in capacity to 50 brewers barrels. Since Kelham Island Brewery opened, all four of Sheffield's large breweries were to close, Whitbread went in 1993, Hope & Anchor on Claywheels Lane finished in 1994, Stones Brewery & Wards Brewery both closed in 1999 leaving Kelham Island Brewery as Sheffield's oldest brewery still in production. By 2008 and with the demand for real ale still on the increase Kelham Island Brewery was again updated and the size of the brewery was doubled to its current capacity 100 brewers barrels. The driving force behind the creation and expansion of Kelham Island Brewery was, Dave Wickett, a University lecturer, turned pub owner & brewery owner. Dave's enthusiasm has pushed the growth of the real ale movement and inspired a generation of new small breweries. Sadly Dave passed away on 16 May 2012 after a long illness. Dave is succeeded by his son Edward Wickett who continues the good work started by his Dad. In 2015 Kelham Island Brewery opened up a new city-centre pub, The Tap & Tankard.nsion took place raising its brewing capacity to 40 barrels per week. The brewery was given a further boost when Excelsior was voted National Champion Beer of Britain at the prestigious Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) Beer Awards in 2003.

Black Hole - Burton

Black Hole Brewery started life in the old Ind Coope bottling plant close to Burton town centre in January 2007. The preparatory work however of sourcing vessels, building mezzanine floors, cool rooms, and connecting services began several months prior to the first brew. Red Dwarf was the initial brew to emerge from the Black hole's 10 barrel plant, now a list of seven permanent beers is available. Amongst the brews Red Dwarf is a star that shines brightly winning a silver medal at the SIBA midlands beer competition, this achievement coming after a few short months of production. Black Hole Brewery strives to produce consistently high quality beer by using the finest malt and hops. The success of our beer is now being reflected in a rapid programme of expansion in both brewing equipment and staff numbers.

Dancing Duck - Derby

Dancing Duck brewery was founded by husband and wife team Ian and Rachel in December 2010. Ian has worked as a brewery design engineer for 14 years, his job has taken him all over the world from Newcastle to Africa to Bury St Edmonds to the Caribbean to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and then back to Burton on Trent again. He figures out the design for the breweries and how they will run most efficiently whilst having the least impact on the environment, then when they have been built, he goes off and makes sure they all work properly. He loves real ale and has been drinking it for as long as he can remember but it was actually his wife who came up with the idea to open a brewery. Rachel is a relative new comer to real ale, years ago she tried the odd half of Banks's Bitter but had never really been inclined to drink anything other than lager or wine. Perhaps, like many women, she had always seen real ale as a man's drink, Ian had spent many an evening down the pub trying to persuade her to try his much loved tipple and in 2007 she eventually did. Well he got a bit more than he had bargained for; she liked it so much she decided she wanted to make it for a living! It actually took Rachel quite a long time to persuade Ian that setting up a brewery was a good idea but eventually he came round to her way of thinking. During the time she took to convince him of her plan she was busy learning as much as she possibly could about real ale on both a practical and theoretical basis. They converted one of the rooms in their house into a mini brewery, making 35 test brews (1400+ pints) until they were completely happy with their recipes. Rachel was lucky enough to get a job at Blue Monkey Brewery six months after they opened who their first year brewing they won several prestigious awards for their beer and the hands on experience she gained there has been invaluable. It's Rachel who runs the brewery on a day-to-day basis, as far as she is concerned brewing is the best job she's ever had, it's immensely satisfying producing something that you know people have been looking forward to all day or week and are going to really enjoy. Ian's idea of an enjoyable job does not involve shovelling mash tuns out, cleaning fermenting vessels or delivering weighty casks of beer to pubs and so he still designs and commissions breweries in various places around the world. When he is in the UK he lends his engineering expertise to, (in his words), doing a bit of tinkering to make things work better, leaving tools in the wrong place and generally getting in Rachel's way.

Blue Monkey - Nottingham

BLUE MONKEY BREWERY was born on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in 2008. In 2010 we built a lovely shiny new brewery in Giltbrook , where we are capable of producing up to 20,000 pints of beer a week. This might sound like a lot, but compared with the big breweries we're tiny. We like to think we're big enough to guarantee quality and consistency, whilst still small enough to remain a tight knit team of beer enthusiasts who are fortunate enough to be able to brew the beers we love.

Salopian Brewery - Shrewsbury

Salopian Brewery was founded as Snowdonia Brewery in 1994 by Brewer Martin Barry at his Pub in North Wales. In 1995 he relocated to Shrewsbury and renamed it Salopian (meaning of Shrewsbury). At that time it was the smallest commercial brewery in the country (not attached to a Pub) with a 2 barrel brewlength. After two years of trading Wilf Nelson, the current Managing Director joined the brewery. Initially much of the production was contract brewed for bottling,  mainly into Oddbins and Safeways,  but the advent of progressive beer duty in 2002 allowed the Brewery to concentrate on it's own cask beer production. Barry left in 2004 and Mark Hill of the Brewers Wholesale became a partner. At that stage the production of the brewery was all into cask, very much in the traditional Midlands style of blonde and lightly hopped. Over this period the brewlength regularly increased, firstly to 10 barrels in 2000, then to 15 barrels in 2005 and on to 20 barrels in 2007. In 2008 Jake Douglas was recruited as our first salesman, and after a short period he began to influence the production of the brewery as well. A change was made from the traditional to a more modern hop led style. This transition has proved very successful, with sales nearly trebling since 2008 and recognition of the brewery's prowess at every level of competition. A new 30 barrel brewery was installed in 2010 to cope with demand and when this was overwhelmed the brewery relocated in 2014 to a purpose built 50 barrel plant.